The best of nature

The best of nature

Bright Nature – vitamins of exceptional quality, made from natural ingredients that provide a visible result

Herbal Products
Special technology
Natural composition
Effective formulas
Wide base of ingredients

Bright Naturo sets are made in Spain

A country that traditionally supplies raw materials for the global pharmaceutical industry. The rich flora, developed agriculture, known since ancient times for the extraction of seafood allow us to supply high-quality ingredients for the production of dietary supplements.

Each component of the complex is extracted from plant products. We choose those that contain the maximum amount of nutrients, and grow in the most convenient form for processing. In addition, they do not undergo heat treatment and freezing.

A special processing technology of raw materials allows you to save a maximum of useful components and get drugs that are perfectly absorbed by the body, in which all the beneficial properties of natural natural vitamins are fully preserved.

Natural composition. Our vitamins are free of GMOs, gluten, flavors, artificial colors and preservatives

Effective formulas

We use ingredients and dosages that are most effective for your body. Based on scientific research data, we select components that are easier to digest and assimilated by the body. The experts of the Bright Nature expert Center have developed a wide base of ingredients that allows you to create effective combinations to achieve your goals. When composing complexes, we use synergistic formulas, thanks to which some elements increase the effectiveness of each other several times

Modern technologies and strict quality control

The most modern technological solutions for process automation from a leading global company have been implemented in the production of Bright Nature vitamins. They allow you to make the management system for creating personalized products more efficient and safer

Complete sets

The kits are completed manually with the help of robotic equipment with a system of trays STS (special tablet system) equipped with LED technology that controls the presence or absence of the drug in the cell

Quality control

Each appointment is assigned an individual PIN code, which is recognized by the software and by which the robot determines the appropriate composition and dosage. All this helps to avoid mistakes and maintain maximum accuracy. The VizenDE® system performs a photographic analysis of each of the vitamin packs, registering in the database and checking the quantity, size and shape of each component of the package to ensure safety. Additional control is carried out by laboratory specialists, analyzing detailed reports of the system


Automatic equipment packs components in sealed bags that meet the sanitary requirements for pharmaceutical grade packaging. Each packet contains the data of your personal set, they are identified using the Datamatrix system, registered and tracked.